A jump rope is a relatively inexpensive training tool

... that can greatly improve your jump shots as well as other basketball moves.

Jump ropes are often available at many stores and sporting goods stores, and is usually available at a variety of prices. We have an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for how to order a training jump rope in this article.

jump rope

We'll even have some ideas for how you can improve your jump shots. For the first step in ordering your jump rope, you'll want to have a rope that will not interfere with any of the moves you want to make with the rope. This is quite important if you want to be able to practice jump shots.

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You can start by using a rope that's the correct size for you at a range that makes you comfortable. Try to find rope that's the right size for your hand. Once you know that the rope will allow you to use it comfortably without causing any missed jumps or other problems, it's time to begin hopping!