An exercise that promotes spinal mobility and stability

Perform this kettlebell exercise in slow motion to promote proper lumbar-pelvic movement.

When I worked with a trainer, I’d do my strength training from home. But in my free time, I had a habit of working on my physique in my living room. I bought a weight bench in the hopes of incorporating more strength training into my regimen. I could barely lift my barbell because I didn’t know how to do the exercises correctly. I was always leaning too far forward or back. I ended up doing most of my strength training on an actual weight bench that was attached to the wall, which was much more stable.

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One of the best ways you can activate your deep core muscles is by performing the push-up. The push-up mimics the movements made when lifting heavy loads and involves using your back muscles, which are not commonly considered “core” muscles. Many people with back injuries will be unable to hold a neutral spine position, let alone perform a push-up, but with some practice and a little imagination, you’ll be surprised at how quickly you master this basic core exercise. I think I am a perfect example of this. I like lifting heavy things. I like picking stuff up off the ground. If I saw an 80lb kettlebell I would snatch it and run with it.

I think I know how much I am strong but I really need to start testing it. I want to start competing. I don't know how much my lift is but I am not getting any younger, so I think I'd like to get stronger with the weight I have now. I have to find the time every day to train, so I may as well get as much use for it as possible, now that I have time.

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What's most striking about the weight-room is how different it is from what you experience in a gym. The weight of the barbells on the walls alone could crush the average person. As for your cardio, don't forget to fit some jumping rope in.