How do you make a jump rope?

Through the swing, body position, jump and, finally, the landing.

It takes a whole lot of skill, coordination, luck, intelligence, strength and a little bit of strategy to get the rope swinging. You have to get a jumping start. You need timing. You need the right height. You need power. You need to land flat-footed, but not too flat-footed.

jumping rope woman showing skills

As for the strategy, you have to be ready to jump rope, no matter what it takes. And you have to have the courage to make the most extreme of all jumps: the double under, the criss-cross and, if needed, the triple under. If you think the jump rope is an idea, forget it, it's the only one that's hanging lose.

🧠 🐎 🌴

ny man could be the best, even a child that doesn't know how to jump rope, even a woman that doesn't know what is jump rope. But when a group of kids get together to jump rope, it has been said that for all the twists and techniques it comes down to just one: do it for the fun of it.