If you decide to jump rope regularly for a specific purpose

Then you'll succeed, because the benefits are worth it.

The problem is that people don't usually do something for a specific purpose. They jump rope for everyone else, and in doing so they aren't happy nor achieve. What most people don't get around to doing properly is to figure out why they are doing certain things then decide if it's for the benefit of themselves or of others. So why aren't you doing something for yourself when you want to? And, what's the answer that will make you and only you, happy?

woman jumping rope

You know the purpose for your jump rope. It's to get and stay fit, you need to decide why you want to get fit and stay fit. Because most people are not conscious of why they do anything they do most of the time. They see the results and the don't have a clue as to the reason why. The results are what motivates them, and the reason why they need motivating is rarely considered.


The reason why is rarely considered because they don't realize they do most of what they do for others and not for themselves. If they were more in touch with themselves in that way, and not so bothered about what other people think and did they have a clue about why they jump rope?. It might be very surprising to discover what motivates us but if you are really interested in knowing you gotta find out for yourself.

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You don't expect anything from a jump rope when you don't jump it, why are you using it for the exercise then? So what if we used it to jump rope for exercise, you can do that in your normal activities. The first thing is to get over the doubt whether or not it works for you But you know the purpose of your jump rope, it's to lose weight and get fit.