The actual mechanism of jumping, swinging and landing

Our bodies and the laws they are made up of, how various things work and how they interacted with each other.

Our bodies work in harmony with the universe which is what the whole thing is all about. I am really fascinated by it and I am also curious about all the different things a human anatomy could hold and how our bodies worked and how everything lined up with the planets and stars.

jumping rope trick

I remember thinking how cool of a life it would be to have the ability to see things like that and be able to manipulate those objects with our hands while jumping rope or rollerblading or on one of the many, many different skateboards I had to have. I did a lot of reading about math and science and stuff and being in sixth grade the things I read were very basic. Things like the laws of physics and simple math and how things operate in our world and how things could be manipulated. Then when I got older I started getting into the physics and mechanics and stuff again and I started reading about it and learned more and more about it.

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I ended up getting much more into it and doing a lot more things with my hands and my brain and my head and my heart and my body all at the same time. I remember telling a friend at the time that what’s the point of doing any of this stuff if it’s not fun? That’s not a very high praise, and the friend just kept saying “Oh really?” and I remember being disappointed because I always thought it was fun to learn about things like this.